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How to install wire and cable and cable safety precautions

1. When laying cables, a safety officer shall be provided to ensure the safety of the entire laying process.

2. The laying of the cable project shall be specifically directed at the site to conduct unified command and dispatch of the cable laying.

3. The construction personnel who participate in the laying of the cable shall listen to the command and dispatch of the on-site command. They shall be different from each other and shall not leave the post without permission during the operation.

4. There should be no obstructions affecting the work at the job site where the cable is laid, and helmets should be worn when working with other professionals.

5. When working on high-altitude cable trays, wear non-slip shoes and fasten the seat belts to avoid falling from high altitude.

6. When the cable is laid, the operator should stand outside the cable and stand firmly.

7. When laying cables, it is forbidden to play ridiculously, and never allow drunken posts.

8. To participate in the staff, should be healthy, no heart, cerebrovascular disease and high-altitude discomfort diseases.

9. When electric machinery and equipment are used in conjunction with the operation, the power supply of the electric equipment should be reliable, and the power supply should be equipped with a leakage protection device and should be well grounded. Arrange for personnel who are familiar with the equipment to perform special operations. Other personnel in the vicinity should maintain a sufficient safety distance from the electric equipment.

10. When laying cables on high-altitude cable trays, transfer of construction equipment items shall be transmitted by means of transfer ropes. It is strictly prohibited to throw and throw. Ground personnel shall avoid high-altitude working surfaces to prevent damage to goods.

11. The safety officer should be responsible and responsible for the timely detection of safety hazards, and should be eliminated and corrected. For those who refuse to obey the command and operate in violation of regulations, they should give warnings and stop them. Avoid safety incidents. Ensure the safe and smooth operation of cable laying.
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